How about Becoming a Happy Holiday Host?

Peter and Irene

Do you love dogs? Are you home based? Can you care for dogs in your home whilst their owners are away?

Digs for Dogs Home Dog Boarding Service is a growing business and we are looking to expand our family of home based dog carers. We’re in need of reliable, honest, trustworthy dog lovers who are mostly at home during the day to join our growing team.
If you have experience of looking after dogs and feel you can provide a loving home for dogs whose owners are away then you will enjoy being a Digs for Dogs home boarder. You may already have a dog or maybe you have had dogs in the past but feel you do not want a full time or financial responsibility of owning a dog at the moment.
If you are interested, we will arrange to meet with you to learn more about your experience with dogs and to assess what types of dogs you would be happy to board. We will only offer you dogs that suit your lifestyle and home and you can accept only those bookings that you wish to.
As well as enjoying some loving companionship, exercise and cuddles from your guests you will also receive a reward of your choice from Digs for Dogs; from shopping vouchers for your favourite store and doggy holiday vouchers for your own dogs holiday, to cash paid directly into your bank account.

Just take a look at Peter and Irene above, they’ve never been happier having gorgeous, fun, loving pooches to stay!

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining our ever-growing family of dog home-boarders, or just want some extra information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Debbie: 07718 059263 / [email protected]
Lisa: 07512 159227 / [email protected]
Tel: 01204 888098

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