Digs for Dogs re-vamp their vehicles


Digs for Dogs have re-vamped their famous green vans to come in line with all the new marketing material. All our future franchisees will be driving the new look van. Business owner Debbie Pomfret who launched Digs for Dogs in April 2012 realised in order to move the business forward a decision had to be made as the original green vans were no longer available.

Debbie quoted “When I was choosing my first van for the business and spotted that bright green shiny van on the forecourt I knew that it was just what I was looking for and built the brand all around it. Over the last three years the fleet has grown from one to thirteen! As famous in Greater Manchester as Eddie Stobart’s lorries our green vans each have a name (albeit the franchisees name!) Sadly the supplier that created the green vans have changed their vehicles and colour so they are no longer available. Therefore we have decided to invest in a brand new design for a white van. Designed by Ben Greenwood and supplied and fitted by Aaron and Chris from Creation Signs. A great job boys! Thanks for all your time and patience with me!!”

Digs for Dogs vehicles cover the Greater Manchester area providing services including dog walking, chauffeuring dogs to their dog home boarding families and to the luxury dog grooming spa in Tottington village.

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