Its a Cracking Business

Its a Cracking Business

By Wendy Curnock 

Spring is almost with us and we say thank goodness for that!

Mike and Billy and Bella and I have been out in our area giving out leaflets and talking to people about the service we provide. It has had its moments I can tell you!

Walking around Chorley market in the cold wind and driving rain can certainly make you think ‘What are we doing here?’…….until you meet a man who has lost his dog at Christmas and feels like something is missing in his life,  he is lost without his companion and he doesn’t want to go out anymore, unless his wife makes him go shopping, of course! Then you realise that our job is not JUST a job, it’s a brilliant way to earn a living, doing what makes you and others happy and how many people can say that these days?

We mentioned to him about becoming a host for us and his eyes lit up. He could look after a dog for us and he wouldn’t have to go through the trauma of losing a dog again…. he took the leaflet and with a spring in his step he went to find his wife.

You don’t realise how many people have had dogs in the past, who miss their company so much that it hurts. We are here to help people in this position and in return they can help us by building up our customer base. So if you know anyone in this position, point them in our direction.

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