A new life for Sergay

New customers, Bev and Paul Cummins, holidaying in Greece 3 years ago, went as a couple enjoying the sunshine. They sat by the pool most days and most days they would be visited by a frail and dangerously thin dog.  Each day he would arrive and each day Bev and Paul would fall a little bit more in love with him. It’s not an uncommon sight in to see stray dogs wandering around the streets of Greece, but this little visitor was different.

Bev and Paul were particularly drawn to Sergay as was he to them. They started by feeding him a little each day and started to discuss how they would find it very hard to leave Sergay behind knowing that his fate would probably be imminent death, and as dog lovers, Bev and Paul started to think that they could possibly provide Sergay with a new life in the UK.


On the final day of their holiday they made a make shift lead and collar and went out to seek help in the local town. They took him to a vet who put them in touch with a local British lady who had made it her lifetimes work to help save the plight of these stray dogs. After parting with lots of cash and dealing with lots of red tape, Bev and Paul started the long process of making travel arrangements for Sergay to join them in their home in Oldham…… never once giving up on their desire to give this special dog a new life. Fast forward to the present day and Sergay is a thriving and beautifully natured dog who has a look in his eyes that says, ’thank you’. They are devoted to Sergay and to their new rescue dog, Poppy, who was rescued from a little closer to home in Liverpool, and we welcome them all into the Digs for Dogs family and wish them lots of happy holidays to come.

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