The Top 3 Dog Walks in the United Kingdom

The Top 3 Dog Walks in the United Kingdom

As a caring dog owner looking for your next adventure, finding the right paths for you and your dog is important. Getting out into nature and embracing what the UK has to offer in terms of trails can see you exploring some of the UK’s most beautiful locations – all with your four-legged friend.

Lynne Fisher, Associate Director at Cliverton, experts in dog walkers’ insurance, say: “Exploring with your best friend doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of moderate walking opportunities across the UK that are perfect for both pet and owner.

“Getting some fresh air is not only good for you, but it can also be an enrichment tool for your pets. Whether you are exploring expansive countrysides or hill ranges, each walk offers their own opportunity for adventure.”

Here, we will explore the top three dog walking spots according to AllTrails, a site which has over 30 million users worldwide.

Janet’s Foss, Gordale Scar and Malham Cove
This location sits in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and offers some incredibly scenic views of high cliffs and waterfalls as you hike this medium trail.

This 4.9-mile walk should last you just over two hours, although it is always best to take routes at your own speed – you might enjoy a leisurely stroll or even a jog.

Taking this route will loop you around the scenic views, letting you start where you finished so you don’t need to worry about getting back at the end of the trail.

However, if you are looking for a shorter walk then you might want to only explore Janet’s Foss to Gordale Scar.

Parking, pubs, and toilets can be found in Malham. The full route does include a bridge so if your dog is afraid of these, or even heights, it might be best to cut the route short or to choose a different trail.

Ambleside to Stockghyll Force
For those in Cumbria, or avid walkers looking to travel, the Lake District National Park has one of the best short walks for you to try. This is a great route for anyone with a passion for birdwatching too as you explore wooded areas, leading to a 70 foot waterfall at the end.

This is a short walk and should only take you just under half an hour – but the beauty of the waterfall might leave you staying for longer! 1.4km of paths, roads, and woodland walkways makes this an easy journey and a slight difference to your usual dog walk. There are some steps on this route.

There are plenty of carparks within Ambleside, with some short and long stays depending on how long you would like to explore for. For those with an interest in history and historical architecture, then the old mills of this area with some being used as shops and other facilities, provide the perfect start to your journey.

This journey is perfect for calmer dogs who love to explore leafy areas. But remember to take a car boot or seat cover for those messy pup paws after this walk as they are guaranteed to step in some muddy tracks along the route.

Loughrigg Fell Circular
Or for the Lake District lovers wanting a longer walk with wider views, the Loughrigg Fell Circular could be the best course for you and your furry friend. This route is 5.19 miles long and will take somewhere between two and three hours to complete.

However, for the best views of this location, and there are many views to take in, it is recommended that you take three to four hours to complete.

This is a great route for dogs full of energy. As the walk can be a long one, it is good for dogs with high levels of stamina who enjoy exploring the great outdoors.

For older dogs who might have mobility issues, you can take the route at a slower pace or make sure you have a dog buggy available for later stages in the walk.

Walking your dog doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, you can find stunning locations to take your pet where you can both enjoy the journey.

Whether you are looking for woodland spaces that open into waterfalls or cliff views staring over stunning greenery, the UK could have the perfect walk for you. Some other top-rated dog walks in the UK include the Peak District and even Seaford to Eastbourne in Southdowns National Park.

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