12 Qualities of a Franchisee

People often ask us just what it takes to become a Digs for Dogs franchisee. In an alternative “12 days of Christmas”, from now until Christmas Eve we’ll be giving you an insight into the many qualities that make up our team.

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  1. A love of dogs – sound obvious? We LOVE dogs – and we love the dogs we work with as though they are our own. Whatever the breed, shape or size, all of the team have a genuine affection for the whole pack of pooches.
  2. Sociable – Dog walking is a sociable business. As soon as you have a dog, you’re a magnet for other walkers and if you have two or more – well ….. Our team love nothing more than striking up conversation with their team and their customers.
  3. Down to earth – there’s no time for grandeur in our team. We roll up our sleeves and we get stuck in, and as a result we’re made up of some of the most genuine, salt of the earth people you’ll ever meet
  4. Ambition – your Digs for Dogs franchise can grow as big as you want – if you have the vision. Our franchisees are self-starters who thrive from the buzz of running their own ship, and building up their investment so they can enjoy the freedom and lifestyle they have created.
  5. Level headed – running a business can be hectic, exciting and challenging. It’s important that our franchisees keep level headed – and we’ll offer fabulous training and ongoing support to give them the tools to achieve this.
  6. Sense of humour – they say never work with children or animals …we’ve run through parks, been dragged in the river and fallen in mud – and we’re still smiling. A sense of humour is quite possibly the most important quality of our franchisees.
  7. Caring nature and warm – our franchisees are genuinely nice people. Without exception they are warm, friendly and open with incredibly caring natures, for both the dogs and for each other.
  8. Fit and healthy – dogs can be hard work and our walkers can be out with them for hours at a time. Stamina and some level of fitness is essential for the job – and the more you do, the more you’ll see the health benefits
  9. People lovers – our franchisees work with dogs – but they must love people too. Customers entrust their most precious fur babies in to their care, and so it’s essential that they build a great rapport from the off.
  10. All-weather proof. We live in the UK and many of us are in the North West. It rains – a lot. Yet we know our dogs need their walk every day, whatever the conditions. We have a saying at Digs for Dogs – there’s no such things as bad weather – just bad clothing!
  11. Team player – Digs for Dogs is a family. We genuinely care about our team mates and we always have each other’s back. Day or night, our franchisees always have a friendly voice at the end of the phone to offer support.
  12. Creativity-When you are running your own business, you need to constantly be promoting yourself. Our franchisees have some very creative ways to do this though social media, photos and even choosing Christmas gifts for their customers. Don’t worry – we offer loads of support!
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