Emma’s Dog of the Year!

Emma’s Dog of the Year Award goes to…..SPOT!!


On the shortlist has to be:

Wilson Kenny and the garden balloons

Charles Pasotti and his utter relentless fetching of balls

Bula Ratu and his rather enormous friend ‘the croc’!

Max Taylor and his almost human stance on his window sill.

Pip Dutton for just being adorable

Pixie Hughes for her insatiable desire for tickles

Dexter and Bentley for their extreme ‘get me out this crate’ reaction – every time!

Poppy and Rosie Sansom for their amazing tricks

There are simply so many of these it’s been a really tough one but I think my most faithful customer, the gorgeous Spot has to take my prize for Dog of the Year. You can’t help but love Spot, no matter how hard you may try to resist! Spot has spent time with 2 different home boarders since March this year and has been a delightful house guest each time. He loves you from the minute he lays eyes on you, so much so he will often do a giddy wee! He is loving, obedient and utterly adorable and will always have a special place in my heart. On his long list of many talents is his incredible ability to jump. Spot is a large and somewhat heavy dog, who has been known to scale a 6ft plus fence in his pure excitement of spotting a…. you guessed it….squirrel. It is quite spectacular to behold.

Anyway – well done Spot, you’re a credit to your loving owners – keep being gorgeous and hope to see you again soon.


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