A Happy Ending for Tess and Stella









We’d like to introduce you all to Tess.


Digs for Dogs were contacted by the RSPCA to ask if we could help out Tess and her owner Stella, who live in Prestwich.
Unfortunately, Tess has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and needs a daily insulin injection to keep her well, something impossible for Stella as she is blind and has nobody to do this for her.

Tess is Stella’s world. She is a loving companion and she makes her feel safe, especially after going through the trauma of an attempted burglary. Stella simply couldn’t be without Tess!
You can understand why we really wanted to help these two, so our franchisee’s Wendy and Michael, who operate in Bolton, offered to step in and help out, to make sure that Tess gets her daily injections.

Tess and Stella’s story just goes to show that the love between a dog and their owner can withstand anything life throws at us.

We love a happy ending!

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