The Best Toy for your Dog?

Choosing the right toy can be difficult depending on what stimulates your dog and what specific benefit you would like your dog to receive through play. Whether its exercise, intellectual stimulation, bonding, dental health or a combination, there is a whole host of toys on the market.

Before you buy a toy for your dog you have many things to consider. Your dog’s size, age, activity level, and personal preferences will all play a factor in finding the best dog toys for him. Does your dog like to chew, fetch, tug, or all of the above? Does he need to get more exercise? Is he motivated by toys or treats? How is his dental health? What size is he now and what size will he be when he is full grown?

If your dog likes to chew, you’ll have to purchase a more durable toy that won’t easily be destroyed by his strong jaws. It would be much better if you spent a little more money on a durable dog toy now than continued to invest in cheaper toys that your dog is constantly shredding. If you spend £2 on cheap plush toys and your dog shreds it in a matter of days, or minutes as the case may be, a £14 durable dog toy would be a much more economical, sensible option.

Consider what your dog enjoys. Is he one of those dogs that just enjoys carrying a toy around with him everywhere like a security blanket? Does he want to fetch? Maybe he’s one that loves to tug? You should make your dog toy selection based on what your dog’s personal interests are. After all, they are as unique as us! If your dog likes to play many different games you don’t necessarily have to buy a lot of different toys. Just make choose one toy that can be thrown, tugged, and chewed, such as a rope toy.

If you make wise choices in the products that you purchase for your dog, they will enrich his life in so many ways. They may get your couch potato up and moving or give your pet with separation anxiety something to do to keep his mind occupied while you’re not with him. Don’t focus on the cost of the toy. Even on a budget, a clever, informed purchase will save you money in the long run and add to your four-legged best friend’s quality of life.

The Independent has a great list of some of the best toys in the pet marketplace.

We’d love to hear your comments! Which toy does your dog absolutely love? How much does it cost? How often do you buy your dog a toy? Is there a brand you tend to stick to?

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