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Let’s get crafty…

Well, as you will have seen, the nation has gone crazy for toilet roll!

It’s all complete madness and I can only imagine all the used tubes piled up in the recycling bin waiting for the family argument of who’s turn it is to take the bins out! Although now it’s the other way around – you’re arguing as you want to be the one to do it, just for the thrill of going beyond the driveway!

Instead of letting all the empty tubes go to waste, we have some crafty ideas to make good use of them. It’ll also keep you or the kids busy for a few hours and create a welcomed distraction for your pooch – who by now is probably begging you leave them alone! I think we’ve really deprived them of their afternoon naps these last few weeks haven’t we?!

1. Treat ball
What you need: One tube, scissors and treats.

Cut a tube into five equally-sized rings. Slot two rings together to make an interlocking cross, then slot the other two over the top to fill the gaps. Push a treat into the middle before pushing the final ring over to seal the parcel. The parcel will roll across the floor like a toy and your pet should be able to find the treat inside for some extra fun!
(Suitable for small dogs)

2. Scent Trail
What you need: Cardboard box, scissors, lots of tubes and dog treats.

Use a small-medium sized cardboard box and cut off the flaps. Fill the box with lots of tubes all on their ends to create a honeycomb structure. Remove two or three tubes to create space for the tubes to be pushed and moved around. Hide a treat at the bottom of one of the tubes and then leave your dog to find it.

3. Cheese & Crackers
What you need: One tube, dog treats (cheese).

Pop your dog’s favourite treats inside the tube (if they can’t have cheese) and scrunch each end in on itself to to look like a cracker and seal the tube, then set your pooch the task of getting to the treat!

Now in week 3 of lock-down, you’re probably looking for some more engaging activities to keep the humans in the house occupied too…

Well, we have plenty of fun and exciting downloadable ideas for you from the RSPCA prevention & education team which will also get young people thinking and debating animal issues.

Download some of these suggested activities and resources below:

Woodland Wordsearch

Become a pet photographer

Build a bird feeder

Create some animal art

Draw an animal superhero

Egg Box Animals

Make an animal mask

Pet factor

Be an animal architect

Build a woodland den

We hope you can all enjoy some of these activities whist at home. Don’t forget to tag Digs for Dogs and share your photos of your crafty creations on Facebook and Instagram.


By Georgie Pomfret

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