“That dog is a Shepherd’s Pie, Mummy!”

Helen Coogan operates her dog-walking business in Prestwich, Heaton Park, Pilsworth, Hollins, Heywood and Middleton.

This week, her daughter Grace (who is only 4) has been on half term from school and helped her Mum out with the dogs. She is very interested in learning about all the different breeds of dog and trying to remember which dog is which breed.

She knows that Lola is a Labrador and Terry is a Cockerpoo.

Helen asks “What breed of dog is Lucy, then?” ….. and Grace replies “a Shepherd’s Pie of course, Mummy!!” 

So, so cute – we love it when the kiddies get involved!

shepherds pie


P.S. Lucy is actually a German Shepherd – much like this picture!

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