Get Active this Summer with Digs for Dogs

Dog Lovers Wanted!

This summer Digs for Dogs are looking for dog loving families that can provide a loving holiday home to one of our family friendly dogs whilst their owners are away during the summer holidays.

Get active and spend more time together as a family this summer, leave your phones at home, turn off the television, PlayStation, Xbox and computer and swap it for exercise, fresh air, fun and companionship by caring for a family friendly dog in your home during the summer holidays or even just for the weekend!

The Digs for Dogs Active Summer Challenge

The Active Summer challenge will run from June to September and centres around leaving the electronics at home and getting out and about in the fresh air as a family whilst also teaching children responsibility through caring for a family-friendly dog. As an added bonus, all families that participate will be given a ‘We took the Digs for Dogs Challenge’ trophy and will also receive a small financial contribution to say thank you.

For many young families, having a dog full-time would be too much responsibility alongside work, school and other commitments. Therefore, providing a holiday home for another family’s dog during the summer break from school is the perfect solution. We match child-friendly and mild-natured dogs with our younger families; dogs which the children can be fully involved in caring for and who are great company to get out and about with this summer.

We will manage all aspects of the business and cover the licensing and insurance. You will just get the best bit… looking after a four-legged friend at a time to suit you! There is no cost involved for anyone who takes part and there is a payment to say ‘thank-you’ for taking good care of our four-legged friend.

If you and your family would like to make a four-legged friend this summer, contact the Head Office on 01204 895355, email [email protected] or visit theSummer Challenge’ page on our website

So Many Reasons to take Part……

 1) Good insight into owning a dog

Looking after a dog for the summer holidays will provide you with so many benefits, including a good insight into owning a dog, particularly if you’re thinking about becoming a full-time dog owner. There is no cost involved for anyone who takes part and there is a small payment to say ‘thank-you’ for taking good care of our four-legged friend. Taking this challenge with Digs for Dogs allows you to ‘try before you buy’. Too many people take on the responsibility with an idealistic view of dog ownership. The reality can be quite different and too many dogs end up having to be rehomed.

 2) Get Active!

Studies show that dog-owners are significantly more likely to get their 30 minutes of recommended daily exercise than those who don’t care for a dog. Dogs need daily walks and play sessions and for some breeds this can be as much as 3 hours a day! But, if caring for a lively Border Collie isn’t for you, even a daily 30-minute stroll has been shown to dramatically reduce the risk of heart problems and obesity.

3) Better Social Life!

Think of your dog as a conversation starter! You will meet many new people out and about on your walks and many dog-owners meet groups of friends to explore the countryside together as a pack. Dogs can give us more confidence and a common-ground to strike up conversation with new people.

 4) Companionship

It’s not just physical health that dogs can boost. Mental well-being is becoming increasingly recognised as an important aspect of an individual’s health. For some people, perhaps those who live alone, suffer with a mental health problem or are retired, dogs can combat feelings of loneliness and isolation and provide love and companionship that has been shown to equate to human friendship. Dogs are some of the most loving and accepting creatures in the animal kingdom and can offer a real boost to mental health just by being there for a cuddle!

5) Stress Relief

It takes as little as 15 minutes interacting with a dog for your brain to release a hormone called Dopamine that is associated with feelings of pleasure, relaxation and tranquillity. Perhaps there’s something in the unconditional love and eternal optimism of a dog that makes you focus on the good in your life and leave life’s little stressors at the door. How can you feel stressed when a gorgeous bundle of fur wants a cuddle and a play?!

6) Better than Medicine!

Dog carers have lower levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and fewer incidents of heart attack than those without a dog in their lives. Scientists have concluded this is due to a range of factors including the boosts to mood and increased exercise, but also due to dogs bringing in bacteria that your body then builds immunity to meaning you’re less likely to become ill!

All in all, there are many reasons for wanting to care for dogs. From the addition of new-found doggy friends to stress relief and physical health benefits, caring for dogs for even short periods of times can do wonders for your well-being.


Many people love the idea of owning a dog but don’t want to commit to the full-time responsibility. Why not consider caring for family-friendly dogs for a weekend or a week at a time, whilst their owners are away?

If you and your family would like to make a four-legged friend this summer, contact the Head Office on 01204 895355, email [email protected] or visit the ‘Summer Challenge’ page on our website

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