Dog Walking and Picnic Surprise up Holcombe Hill in Bury

Rigby on Holcombe Hill
A day out walking with my five doggy amigoes up Holcombe Hill in Bury. The dog walking gang went up Holcombe Hill, in Bury yesterday and met a group of school children at the top of the hill on a day trip. Unfortunately they had left their school bags and lunch boxes by Holcombe tower and my five “Yogi bears” thought it was a great opportunity to have their own picnic!! Dogs up Holcombe Hill Then one child turned around to see me trying to shoo five greedy dogs away from the bags. Next minute twenty screaming kids came running and screaming towards me!! I wish someone had a video camera!! It was hilarious. You can’t beat the company of five Yogi Bears, plenty of fresh air and the wind in your ears.

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