Poorly Pets: Where’s the Support for the Owners?!

In the human world, when a family member is suffering from an illness there is lots of support offered by nurses, doctors & support organisations such as Macmillan. Time is taken to talk through all available options and questions are answered in detail. Relatives are given time to think things through and make informed decisions about which steps to take next.

But what about the doggy world? Where is all this support for pet-owners?

For some it may be hard to understand, but as dog-lovers we know that your pets really are part of your family and you care for and love them like a real son or daughter, brother or sister. In some ways, your dog becoming ill may even be harder than a human relative suffering from illness as you cannot discuss the processes, appointments, how they are feeling, what options they would like to choose etc. with your dog; they may be confused and frightened about everything that is going on and you may feel the pressure of making such important decisions on their behalf.

Vets can only do their job and offer practical solutions, but, from personal experience, they rarely discuss all the available options with you and often rush families into decisions without any thinking time. What happens if you do not have Pet Insurance or cannot afford the procedures and/or drugs the vets recommend? Who can you turn to if you are a single dog-owner having to make such meaningful decisions alone?

There are no groups or organisations (that we can find) to support you and your dog if they are suffering from cancer or another terminal illness.

We want to do something about this.

We want to set up our own support network so like-minded dog-lovers do not have to suffer in silence. 

We know we are not alone in this situation. We have already had a lot of encouraging feedback for the idea of a Poorly Doggy Support Group and would love to get more people on board.

We are so busy ourselves it would be amazing if we could get someone to drive this idea and put it into action!

If this is something you would like to get involved in, please email [email protected] or call 07718 059263.

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