A highly professional and bespoke service

A highly professional and bespoke service, delivered with friendly support and incredibly flexible, safe and reliable attitude. My best four-legged friend Margaret (baby number 3) is such a character and sometimes a handful. My Mum’s dog Bella is blind, deaf and yet is the happiest dog I know. Margaret helps Bella walk and play and Bella helps Margaret with her picky attitude to food. To take care of these two little treasures is pretty full on and yet every time I call on Digs for Dogs, their response is speedy, supportive and positive. Bella and Margaret are treated like the princesses they are: homed with the family who love and care for them as much as I do and at very reasonable price! Not much more than boarding kennels but so much better for them and for my peace of mind.
Seriously, I can’t fault anything about the service. If you feel like it’s dropping your baby at Nursery for the first time, Digs for Dogs approach is very reassuring and genuine, they send photos and updates every day and are honest, transparent and responsive. The world is a better place for our four legged friends because of Digs for Dogs. Keep up the great work and thank you ever so much for everything you do for my family x

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