The Extendable Lead, Good or Bad?

Guest Blog by Leeann Bentley – Digs for Dogs Franchise Owner, Bredbury

Extendable leads allow the dog to walk some distance away from you while being under some sort of control, however they are fraught with danger as I learnt with my own pup, Baxter!

Lady training Spaniel

While returning from a nice walk the lead decided that it no longer wanted to retract and remained at full length, I had to walk back up my road (thankfully it’s relatively quiet and I didn’t have to cross any major roads) with the lead wrapped around my hand which wasn’t ideal.

After I thinking about my experience, and on the advice of my own dog trainer, I soon learnt that there are a few issues with these leads, and they do not teach a dog how to walk on a loose lead. I thought I was doing the right thing by allowing my pup some freedom, but how wrong I was. I do understand why people use them – they think it gives the dog some independence, and they are only doing what they think is right. But one minute the dog has a long line, and then the next he is being pulled back, which is very confusing for the dog.

These extendable leads work in a harsh way and over time the constant jerking of the lead can cause pain and dis-comfort to your dog. It could also lead to a trigger behaviour so that when your dog sees another dog it is yanked back on the lead, which it will then associate with the pain and discomfort and could lead to a reactive dog. Just think how would you like to be yanked back by the neck?!

In short the dangers of these leads are:

1. They can cause rope burn to either you or your dog.

2. You or your dog could become entangled or your dog become strangled.

3. Lack of control. The dog can still avoid coming back to you, if they have poor recall. The dog needs to come back to you in order for you to shorten the lead.

4. With the dog at the end of the extendable lead you do not have full control and therefore both you and the dog are prone to dangers.

Top Tip: Try a long training line instead and introduce recall, it’s much kinder to your dog in the long run and one day they may be free to go off lead.

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