The Leaflet

A true story and wonderful tail about the joys of being a home boarding family
by Peter and Irene


Nearly three years ago we had to have our beloved Border Collie Moss put to sleep whilst on holiday with her.

We were lost without Moss but just knew we weren’t ready to be owned by another dog. We missed our dog walking friends and acquaintances, our doggy friends, the fresh air and the exercise.

Desperation was setting in when Peter mentioned a leaflet he had seen asking for people to become home boarders for dogs. We talked about it and on his next trip he picked up “The Leaflet” – it was to change our

After much thought we decided to contact Debbie, arrangements were made for a visit. We were apprehensive but also intrigued by the thought of dogs
spending their holidays with us. Debbie arrived, we knew straight away on meeting her that we had done
the right thing BUT would we pass the test??? It was a nail biting time for us but we made it.
Our first guest was due – nervous and excited at the same time, we waited for him, welcomed him in and the rest is history.

Since then Debbie and Lisa have kept a steady stream of doggy guests coming our way – large, medium, small, young or recycled teenagers (like us).
We have become experts on all types of dog food, medication, allergies and ailments and we are getting really good at “spot the breed”.
There is a never ending supply of kisses,cuddles and snuggles in front of TV to be had and help in the garden, kitchen or with the housework is not unusual.

We now meet up again with our dog walking friends and have made new ones mainly due to them being curious as to why we keep appearing with different dogs.
We do fall in love with all our guests and miss the fun and laughter when they go home but seeing them so happy is what it’s all about for us.

“The Leaflet” worked!!!!!
If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a host family like Peter and Irene please call Debbie or Lisa on 01204 888098 or email [email protected] / [email protected]
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