Welcome to The Digs for Dogs Blog

Welcome to The Digs for Dogs Blog

Could a Digs for Dogs Blog become a Best Seller?

When I launched my Doggy Business “Digs for Dogs” in April 2012, all my friends said I should write a book about my new life in the “Wonderful World of Dogs.” I now wish I had written all my stories down.  Over the last eighteen months I have kept my friends and family very entertained with my weekly updates about all the crazy things I have encountered with my four legged friends and their owners. I’m not sure I can include all my stories and I may have to change some names to protect the innocent!!

Having never blogged before I thought I would do a bit of research and discovered a new world out there. “Blogs are fun, informative and a great way of sharing experiences.” The perfect platform for my doggy diary which I can now share with all you “mad dog lovers” out there. (Most of the population I think!) Who knows one day it may become a best seller!!

I Hope you enjoy reading my “Doggy Tails.” It’s a mad bad world out there….. so to have some lighthearted fun which includes our love of dogs should hopefully bring a smile to your face. Please feel free to add your comments and join in my Digs for Dogs Blog.”

It’s Story Time……. (Lets go back eighteen months to when my doggy adventures began…….)

My first customer………Harwood, Bolton Puppy Visits and Dog Home Boarding
“Just met the most adorable Cavachon Puppy called Chester. I can’t believe that I will be getting paid for playing with a puppy!! This job is fantastic! A white bundle of furr, so soft and cuddly; that is until I took him for his first walk! This white cute innocent bundle of furr is now covered in mud and smells of fox poo! Cheeky Chester finds it highly amusing and doesn’t seem to care. Until it came to bath time… Ha my revenge… or so I thought. This little cheeky chappie decided to run off into the field next to his home to join the sheep and I couldn’t tell weather he was a lamb or a Cavachon. I finally managed to get him back to clean him up before his mum came home from work. The little monkey looked at his mum as if butter wouldn’t melt! I have bathed Chester every day ever since!!! Still love him to bits though and he always comes to home board with our family when his owners go away. He is part of the family now and the first member of the DIgs for Dogs Gang!”

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