Becoming Home Boarders is “one of the best decisions we’ve made for our family”

Claire, her husband Scott and 2 adorable sons, Josh and Luke have been home boarding with us since March. They have been amazing home boarders and have looked after many dogs since then, with many repeat visitors. This is what Claire had to say…
“Most children want a pet and our boys are no different. We had constant requests for all sorts of pets but a dog in particular. We didn’t want to take on the responsibility permanently so when we saw a Digs for Dogs advert it seemed the perfect solution for us. We are sent a profile of any dogs that are matched to us, and an overnight stay prior to the holiday if necessary, so we are totally reassured by the time the dog/s stay with us.
We’ve been home boarders just short of one year and it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made for our family, especially our boys. We love being outdoors and the boys especially love running around and playing with the dogs. It’s been particularly lovely to see our eldest son (7) take on the responsibility of looking after the dogs. We thought he would get bored but he has definitely proved us wrong. We had originally planned to limit the number of dogs staying with us each year, but we love it so much and look after as many dogs as we can now.”
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