Could Digs for Dogs Be The Answer?

If you’ve recently been thinking that it’s time for a change, to finally do something for yourself, and perhaps leap into self-employment – Digs for Dogs could have the perfect solution for you, AND give you the chance to work with dogs everyday! 

The demand for pet services is at an all time high in the UK, with an estimated 12 million, or 44 per cent, of households reporting having pets. Now really is the best time to take advantage of the lucrative and ever-growing pet industry.

We have established Dog Home Boarding and Dog Walking business opportunities available in your local area!

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An existing, established and successful business will give you a quick return on your investment.

We are looking for dedicated and ambitious dog lovers to take advantage of the ever-growing pet sector and continue to grow these renowned businesses – and we will be with you every step of the way!

Before joining the Digs for Dogs family, our most recent recruits said it was their “now or never moment”. For some, it is after a long career that they reached a point in which they no longer received the fulfillment that they once did, and came to us seeking a new challenge.

For others they never really had the time to sit down and seriously think about running their own business, but with the additional time that was presented to us all over this past year, they had chance to re-evaluate their priorities and decided now felt right to “just go for it!”

You may be taking retirement, but are not quite ready to fully retire? You may have been presented with a redundancy package and are looking for your next challenge in life? Whatever your reason for joining Digs for Dogs, our franchise opportunities provide that challenge, alongside the security, proven business model, professional support and innovative marketing that make starting your own business that little bit easier.

“You can run a successful work-from-home business and finally start doing something you love, which fits around your lifestyle and family commitments.”

We have welcomed 9 new business owners to the Digs for Dogs pack since September 2020. Their personal reasons for deciding to join us all different, but those in common are:

  • They can see the rise in demand for an established dog home boarding and trustworthy dog walking service.
  • They are attracted to the modern and reputable Digs for Dogs brand.
  • They want to build a flexible, profitable and sustainable business in their local area.
  • They want to enjoy a healthy work-life balance, spend more time outdoors – and work with dogs every day!

Remember, nothing will happen unless YOU make it happen! So take the first steps to starting your new business today!

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