Daft Doofus Doesn’t Hold Back

Kisses to his Home-Boarding Misses!

Lovingly known by the Digs for Dogs Gang as ‘Daft Doofus’ due to his vivacious personality and daring antics, the 2 year old Golden Labrador has just had a great time on holiday with his home boarding family.

Doofus was staying with host Audrey and family whilst his dad went to Augusta to watch the Golf Masters and enjoy a few games himself. Doofus stayed with his dog home boarding family in Bury and really made himself part of their family. So much so he couldn’t stop kissing Audrey!!
Smiley Doofus Kisses

We always try our hardest to match your dogs up with a family we think they would feel at home and have fun with, so it’s very rewarding when we see such a lovely connection like this! Doofus’ smile is almost a wide as Audrey’s!

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