Preach it Marion! Spreading the word about Digs for Dogs

Meet retired Deacon and Preacher Marion. She has been busy spreading the good word about Digs for Dogs, whilst she’s got Binx as her happy holiday guest and model. Marion is not only enjoying sharing her time and home with our four legged guests but also helping to recruit more dog loving families to help us through our busy times this Summer.

It sounds as if Binx is having an amazing time with his home boarding host in Bury. To celebrate Palm Sunday they went on a long lazy stroll together and wound up following a donkey around Harwood! Everyone they met was making a fuss of Binx, which he absolutely lapped up and rewarded them with one of his ‘party turns’!

Binx and Marion

Altogether it sounds like Marion has brought out the best in Binx, who is now becoming a local “Star”! Marion loves having dogs to keep her company, take on walks and treat as her own – she even had Binx watching a film with her (we hope it was 101 Dalmations or the Lady and the Tramp!)

Marion even suggested we tell famous dog lover Paul O’Grady about our day trips to the seaside, and see if he wants to join us!

What do you think?

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