Digs for Dogs to the Rescue!

Digs for Dogs to the Rescue!


This is 8 year old Germna Shepherd, Sasha. She was enjoying a holiday with her host family in the Wigan area when, out of the blue, her family rang to ask if we could re-home her. Due to circumstances beyond their control, her family were relocating and could not take her with them. What started off as a happy holiday suddenly became a frantic mission to find Sasha a new home….

Lisa Rose is the franchisee who operates dog home-boarding in Wigan and surrounding areas – she asked Sasha’s host family, but they were going on a long holiday and couldn’t keep her. She asked many of her other host families and customers, but nobody seemed to have the right circumstances or space to accomodate such a large dog at such short notice!

Lisa then thought of her sister who is a true dog-lover and already had 5 dogs of her own (2 Springer Spaniels, another German Shepher, a King Charles Cavalier and Jack Russell!). Lisa’s sister has helped her out with the launch of her Digs for Dogs franchise, assisting her with marketing, publicity and taking over the business whilst Lisa was away. She agreed to meet Sasha and see how she got on with her family and 5 other dogs.


Well, it was love at first sniff! The whole family LOVED her and she settled in as if that was where she belonged. We’re delighted that it all worked out and that Sasha is happy in her new home. The more the merrier eh!!!


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