New Home-Boarding Franchise in Ormskirk & Southport

Anne-Marie & Chris Rimmer are the proud new owners of their own dog boarding franchise in Ormskirk & Southport!



My name is Anne-Marie Rimmer and along with my husband, Chris, we are setting out on a very exciting adventure as the new franchisees for Ormskirk and Southport.

My working life so far has been focused on children, initially in the Social Services and for the past thirty years in the education sector. Chris was trained as a motor mechanic and worked in the industry for some years before retraining and joining the Probation Service. In the past few years he has worked in the community, with the elderly and vulnerable people. We have been dog lovers and owners all our lives – at present we have a 10 year Cavalier, Max, who was joined in June of this year by Lucy Lou a beautiful, homeless girl from Bulgaria. Chris and I have three grown up children meaning that we are now able to spend more time pursuing our shared hobbies of walking, exploring new areas of Greece and cooking. Digs for Dogs is the future we have often dreamt of – working together with people and our favourite animals – DOGS !

Check out our page here for more information:

Call us on 07918 128037 or email [email protected] or [email protected]

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