Dog Walking turns into Dog Driving!

Chester at the wheel

Cheeky Chester has been up to his usual antics, managing to put a smile on all of our faces again, by learning to drive the van!
Poor, unsuspecting Debbie was innocently chatting to Chester’s Mum as she picked him up for a day of dog walking in Bury with his pals. However, as she turned to drive away she was shocked to find that her van had been captured and was now under the control of a cute, cuddly Cavachon.
Looks can be very deceiving though! Chester hijacked the Digs for Dogs van and, with his paws on the wheel, tried to drive him and best mate, Jaffa, off on their adventures.
But, here at Digs for Dogs we always look on the bright side; Congratulations Chester, on passing your driving test!

Chester driving Chester

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