Happy Healthy Dogs – 5 Things to Avoid

Happy Dog!

We all love our pooches, but sometimes too much of the wrong food, not enough exercise and carelessness with potentially poisonous objects can lead to all sorts of diseases and even premature death. So, Digs for Dogs have compiled a list of 5 Doggy Dangerous things to avoid in order to keep your pet in tip top condition for as long as possible.

1) Poisonous Plants. An obscure one to start but something that if not carefully monitored can prove fatal. Past experience and research has revealed that many common house and garden plants can be highly toxic to our dogs. Plants such as Buttercups, Geranium, Ivy, Kale, Lilies, Primroses and even foliage from Oak trees can seriously upset vital organs of dogs, such as kidneys, and causes intense nausea and diarrhoea. Even worse, Daffodils, Mistletoe, Rhododendron and especially Ragwort can be FATAL in minute doses. It is vital that you keep these plants, and others out of reach of dogs, specifically greedy ones!
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2) E-Cigarettes. Following devastating news that a puppy in Cornwall has died after biting into an e-cigarette refill, vets are warning pet owners to ensure they are kept out of reach of animals. If you use e-cigarettes, we recommend storing all equipment safely out of reach of your pet. If you suspect your pet has chewed or eaten an e-cigarette or any toxic substance then it is vital that you contact a vet for treatment as quickly as possible. Nicotine poisoning acts very quickly and can be fatal, especially when large doses are involved. E-cigarettes and refills can easily contain sufficient quantities of nicotine to kill a small animal very quickly.

3) Antifreeze. Antifreeze sprays, de-icers and screen washing liquid can all contain Ethylene glycol, a substance that can be fatal to dogs (and cats). These liquids are all sweet smelling and tasting to dogs, so they will be easily attracted to it. You must make sure that these substances are kept out of reach of pets,bottles are carefully disposed of and any spillages are immediately cleaned up as even minute doses can be fatal. If you do not get your dog to a vets almost immediately, where it will be given intensive treatment, full recovery is highly unlikely. Symptoms of ingestion include tiredness, vomiting, excessive drinking (indicative of dehydration) staggering movements and increased heart rate.
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4) Fatal Foods. We all know that some human foods can be very poisonous to our pooches. Treats such as chocolate, raisins and grapes can be fatally toxic and should NEVER be given to your dog. If you’re desperate for your four legged friend to enjoy the same satisfaction you feel while tucking into a Dairy Milk, there is Doggy Chocolate, specifically designed for dogs, which can be bought from most large supermarkets and pet shops. Other poisonous foods include onions, Xylitol (a sweetener commonly found in sugar-free foods), caffeine, alcohol, avocado, macadamia nuts, yeast dough, corn on the cob and milk.

5) Killing your Dog with Kindness. Everyone loves to treat their dog and make them happy, but happy doesn’t always mean healthy and it is your responsibility, as a pet owner, to restrict your dog’s diet and ensure they are within the normal weight band for their breed. Carrying too much weight is one of the lead causes of premature deaths in dogs and over 35% of dogs in the UK are classed as ‘overweight’ or ‘obese’. Yet it is so easily prevented! Contact your vet or simply take to Google to find out the recommended daily allowances for your dog’s breed. Treats should be just that – a treat! Not to be given 30 times a day. Don’t kill your dog with kindness. Think before you feed.
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