Pamper Your Pet

Has your pooch been the paw-fect companion during the lockdown?

Maybe it’s time to give something back!

Our pets are our best friends and most treasured companions. Many of them have supported us hugely (and unknowingly) through the pandemic, so why not make them feel extra special by giving them some pampering at home?

Sainsbury’s Bank have created a Pamper Your Pet at home guide which includes lots of bark-worthy suggestions which are sure to go down a treat with your furry friend.


Why not whip up your own homemade treats?

The homemade biscuit recipes include ingredients you’re likely to already have in the house meaning you can easily whip up luxury treats with minimal effort.

We also have plenty of treat ideas on our Easter blog, which can be enjoyed all year round!

For extra special occasions, why not try making some personal pup-cakes…Sainsbury’s Bank Pamper Your Pet

If you prefer healthy treat options…

Just like their human friends, pets need to eat a balanced diet. So, while an indulgent treat is great every now and again, having some healthy treat options in your repertoire is sensible. For dogs, vegetable peelings make a cheap, natural and healthy treat that’s packed with vitamins. You can also give jacket potato skins to your dog as long as they’ve been cooked thoroughly and cooled. Plus, you get green points for reducing your food waste!


Time to raise a glass (of pet-friendly booze)!

If you’re kicking back in the garden with a cold drink , your best friend can now indulge in a Friday night glass of Pawsecco or dog beer with you.

Believe it or not, dog beer is best served at room temperature and poured over dry dog food. Some of the best-known brands include Bowser, Snuffle and Woof Dog Beer, all of whom make their beer from natural, human-grade ingredients, so you know that your dog is getting a healthy treat.

Pawsecco is made with natural herbs including Elderflower, Linden Blossom and Ginseng, so it smells a lot better than dog beer. You can serve it over your pet’s food or in their water bowl – whatever they prefer.


Spoil them with a gift

You know you’re being truly pampered when you receive a thoughtful gift, so buying your pet a gift is the perfect way to show them you care.

From putting together a doggy hamper to getting crafty and making your own scent trails and treat balls at home, there are plenty of options to choose from.Sainsbury’s Bank Pamper Your Pet

Check out the Pamper Your Pet guide to get started.

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