What Exactly Is Kennel Stress?

Have you heard of Kennel Stress?

“Kennel stress is a generic term used for when dogs encounter a state of mental or emotional strain and tension during or after a kennel stay. It can manifest in a number of ways including aggression, fear, anxiety, shaking, whining, or other noticeable changes in behavior.”

Putting your dog into a boarding kennel for just one night can be stressful to them, with longer stays creating even more anxiety. Of course, not all dogs get kennel stress, but for many of them it is a very real and unpleasant experience that can also bring a lot of stress onto owners too.

Your dog will have to contend with possible changes to their diet, routine, aggression from other dogs, new smells, sounds, and being handled by new people – all of these can result in anxiety. Even the most easy-going of dogs can become stressed out when placed into new and unfamiliar surroundings, coupled with a change to their daily routine.

4 factors that contribute to Kennel Stress are:

Changes to routine: Dogs are creatures of habit and can be become anxious when their routine chances. This is almost unavoidable in a kennel environment, as your dog will experience changes to when they eat, sleep, and exercise.

Unfamiliar people: Whilst most dogs love any human who gives them attention, some dogs are anxious around new people. The person looking after them could change hourly in a kennel, thus ramping up the dog’s stress levels further.

Lack of usual exercise: Not burning off enough calories is shown to raise a dog’s stress. If your dog isn’t walked as far as usual or refuses to come out and play in the kennel’s open areas due to fear, then boarding stress can increase.

Sudden change in diet: Different food can induce sickness in a dog, but also raise their anxiety as it’s another change to their routine. Nutrition is also an important factor as it helps to keep canine immune systems functioning properly. If your dog loses his appetite, his nutrition levels will drop.

At Digs for Dogs we believe that you should be confident that your four- legged friend will receive the same amount of love and attention that they are used to when you’re not around.

Our unique dog home boarding service provides the perfect alternative to kennels, and our experienced franchise owners expertly match your dog with the perfect, loving home boarding family.

🥰 Home comforts – your dog will always holiday with their own bed, bowls, food and pack their suitcase full of their favourite toys and treats.

🐕 Normal daily routines – our pet profiles allow us, and your dogs host family, to understand their personality – we take note of their behaviour quirks, walking and feeding routines, along with their likes and dislikes.

🔒 Fully licensed & insured – our home boarding families are all extremely special people and they do what they do simply because they love dogs. Each home and host is vetted by ourselves, registered, licenced and insured for your peace of mind.

💑 Perfectly matched host families – we always recommend for your dog to have a sleepover with their chosen home boarder first. This not only gives them both the chance to get used to each other, but it also makes the holiday much less stressful for your dog when they are staying with a familiar face (and smell)!

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