Digs for Dogs Family Challenge!

Dog Lovers Wanted!

dfd challenge

Will you take the challenge? 

This week we launched the Digs for Dogs Family Challenge. The campaign centres around leaving the electronics at home and getting out and about as a family this summer whilst also teaching children responsibility through caring for a family-friendly dog at a time to suit you. As an added bonus, all families that participate will be given a ‘We took the Digs for Dogs Challenge’ trophy!
For many young families, having a dog full-time would be too much responsibility alongside work, school and other commitments. Therefore, providing a holiday home for another family’s dog during the summer break from school is the perfect solution. We match child-friendly and mild-natured dogs with our younger families; dogs which the children can be fully involved in caring for and who are great company to get out and about with this summer.
We will manage all aspects of the business and cover the licensing and insurance. You will just get the best bit… looking after a four-legged friend at a time to suit you!
If you and your family would like to make a four-legged friend this summer, contact the Head Office on 01204 895355, email [email protected] or go to the ‘Become a Home Boarder’ page on our website!
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